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The common route to a professional Law degree in the UK and Australia is to take a undergraduate degree in Law. In UK, the Law degree is normally 3 years whilst in Australia, it is 4 or 5 years. Competition of places for Law is very competitive and students are expected to excel academically in the A levels or equivalent.

Recognition of Law degree in Singapore

Students undertaking a Law degree in the UK (and wish to apply for admission in Singapore Bar) must ensure that the Law degree is pursued at one of these 11 'revised scheduled' Universities. They are


Bristol Durham Birmingham
Cambridge Oxford Kings College London
Nottingham Warwick University College London
London School of Economics    Queen Mary Uni of London

We can still help students to pursue Law degree in Bristol, Birmingham, Durham, Monash, ANU, Tasmania, Murdoch and other Unis. For students seeking to apply these Unis for 2017 entry, please contact us at 61009800


There are various Law foundation programs such as Bellerbys, Durham, Birmingham, Murdoch, Flinders, UNSW, Sydney, Tasmania foundation available in the UK & Australia that prepares students for entry to recognised UK & Australia Universities. Please contact us for more information  

Social Science

A degree in social science arms you with knowledge and skills that are applicable and transferable across a wide variety of jobs opportunities.

Graduates can expect to acquire knowledge & skills applicable to a variety of industries.and they include the following:

  • Government sectors
  • Teaching  & Research
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Corporate communications
  • Events management
  • Tourism
  • arts and culture
  • banking and finance
  • information technology
  • Journalism & publishing
  • social work


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