The Foundation Pathway - Pathway to the 1st year at Reputable Universities

What is a Foundation Program?

A fast track 9-12 month program to prepare students for entry Universities.

The Foundation course is a streamlined intensive 5 to 12 months University preparatory course catered to specialized subject routes such as Business, Engineering, Sciences, Law, Art & Design, Humanities, Information Technology etc. Each Foundation course is carefully designed to focus on the relevant academic areas that you wish to pursue in the University. You will only study the relevant subjects so that you can focus on the essential skills.

Advantages of a Foundation Program?

  • Shorter period of study – entry into University 1 or 2 years ahead of your peers
  • Fast track to prestigious Universities
  • Study only the relevant subjects

Restrictions of a Foundation Program?

  • Restricted to options within University Subject Area (not possible to use a Business Foundation to apply for an Engineering course)
  • Progression generally confined to Foundation University Partners (subject to some flexibility through the UCAS application)

Who Should Apply for a Foundation Program?

  • Sec 4 Express / Sec 5 N / Sec 4 N (Limited Choices) and IGCSE students
  • A Level graduates looking to improve their choice of universities or course
    E.g. Students aiming for a Law Degree

Different Types of Foundation Providers
Foundation Programs Provided in Colleges

  • Smaller classes
  • No particular affiliation to Universities
  • Pastoral care

Foundation Providers in the UK

Foundation Programs Provided in Universities

Foundation Providers in Australia

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