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University of East Anglia, Norwich

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The University of East Anglia (UEA) is an internationally renowned university based in a campus that provides top quality academic, social and cultural facilities to over 13,000 students. UEA is a World top 150 university (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-2012)

 UEA is one of Britain’s premier research and teaching universities and is committed to achieving international standards of excellence. The quality of its research work has earned it a reputation as one of the top research universities in the UK. Eleven of their research units were graded internationally excellent by achieving a grade of 5, 5*or Double 5* in the last Government-sponsored Research Assessment Exercise, with 89 per cent of academic staff submitted working in units rated as being internationally or nationally excellent.

UEA is ranked amongst the top three for student satisfaction according to the first National Student Survey and in the top 20 in the UK by the Sunday Times. It also came top of the most recent research effectiveness league table published by Research Fortnight.


Norwich is situated near to many of the most popular tourist areas in the country. The very different seaside resorts of Southwold and Great Yarmouth along the south east coastline and the wild perfection and solitude of Blakeney, Holkham and Wells-next-the-sea to the north can be accessed by bus or train, with regular departures from the city centre. Coaches and trains depart for London and Cambridge every half an hour for those wishing to travel further afield.
Located in 320 acres of rolling parkland but just two miles from the centre of the cathedral city of Norwich the University is adjacent to the Norwich Research Park which is home to over 1,000 scientists working in several world ranked institutions.Norwich has everything you could want of a university city - it is a major commercial and thriving cultural centre which is steeped in history, yet a safe and friendly environment, ideal for a short period of study in the UK.

The campus is compact with all teaching, research and accommodation within a few minutes walk of each other. Sporting, cultural and social facilities, including one of the largest sports complexes in the UK and the world famous Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, are also located on campus. The campus and its grounds are open to the public and the site is visited by thousands each year who enjoy the beauty of the parkland, woods and the Broad (a man-made lake).

Buildings on the campus represent a microcosm of some of the best of late 20th century British architecture with Sir Denys Lasdun’s initial scheme complemented with buildings by Lord Foster and Rick Mather. Several buildings on the site have been listed by English Heritage and over 30 have received architectural awards, with the Elizabeth Fry Building being described by Building magazine as ‘the best building ever’ and the Zuckerman Institute for Interconnective Research receiving plaudits for its energy efficiency.


UEA was founded in 1963. People in Norwich had begun talking about setting up a university in the city as long ago as the last century, but it wasn’t until 1960, as the post-war ‘bulge’ generation was bringing about an expansion in higher education, that the University of East Anglia finally got the go-ahead.

UEA’s academic thinking was distinctive from the word go. The choice of ‘Do Different’ as the University’s motto was a deliberate signal that it was going to look at new ways of providing university education. At the heart of UEA’s innovative thinking was the principle of interdisciplinarity where related subjects are studied in combination with each other. UEA has continued to be academically innovative throughout its development.

The city had donated what was the Earlham municipal golf course for the site of the campus, and traces of the fairways can still be seen around the grounds today. In 1962, Denys Lasdun (who designed the National Theatre) was appointed as UEA’s founding architect, and was asked to produce an integrated physical design which would reflect and complement the academic structure.

It was Lasdun who designed the University’s core buildings including the monumental Teaching Wall, the raised walkways, the central Square and, most famously, the striking ‘ziggurats’ of Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace. His plan was that no building on campus should be more than five minutes’ walk away from any other – an intention that has been honoured as far as possible in spite of the building expansion over the last 10 years.

Special Achievements

Rated “Excellent” by the Quality Assurance Agency with a teaching quality score of 23 out of 24 points

The University of East Anglia is one of the best places in the country to train to be a teacher, according to new data published by the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

A report in the Independent places Norwich in one of the top 10 "coolest" places for students in the UK.

INTO University of East Anglia

INTO University of East Anglia, a new initiative, led by the University of East Anglia. As the department of the University responsible for the teaching of the pre-university gateway and pathway programmes, INTO aims to provide the highest quality academic and English programs for International students.

Prof Edward Acton

Vice Chancellor

University of East Anglia

The University celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013.

In the course of those 50 years, International Students

have played a significant role in the development of UEA

and we have welcomed students from more than 100 

countries to our campus. We very much look forward to

extending  the same warm welcome to you 

Foundation Course

INTO UEA offers the following foundation course. Successful completion of the foundation course will lead to Year 1 of a relevant Bachelor degree. The entry requirement for Foundation course is generally O levels

  • International Foundation in Business and Economics
  • International Foundation in Computing with Business
  • International Foundation in Humanities and Law
  • International Foundation in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences
  • International Foundation in the Sciences

International Diploma in Business Management and Economics

If you successfully complete the International Diploma programme and meet the specified course requirements detailed below you are guaranteed progression onto the second year of your first choice undergraduate degree programme offered by the Norwich Business School and the School of Economics at the University of East Anglia. Students with A levels or Diploma can apply for the International Diploma at INTO UEA

 The University of East Anglia's Ranking

Information extracted from The Times Good University Guide 2015
Subject Area
Accounting and Finance 29
Biological Sciences 21
Business Studies 21
Communication and Media Studies 10
Drama, Dance and Cinematics 21
Education 8
Economics 13
Geography and Environmental Sciences 8
History of Art, Architecture and Design 2
History 17
Law 15
Mathematics 21
Nursing 15
Pharmacology and Pharmacy 4
Politics 36
Overall 14





Courses Available


  • BA American and English Literature
  • BA Drama
  • BA English and American Literature
  • BA English and Comparative Literature
  • BA English Literature
  • BA English Literature and Drama
  • BA English Literature and Philosophy
  • BA English Literature with Creative Writing
  • BA Film and American Studies
  • BA Film and English Studies
  • BA Film and Television Studies
  • BA Music
  • BA Music with Computing
  • BA Music with Mathematics
  • BA Society, Culture and Media
  • BA Translation, Media and Honours French
  • Graduate Diploma in Development Studies with English Language
  • Graduate Diploma in Economics with English Language
  • Graduate Diploma in Film Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in International Relations with English Language
  • Graduate Diploma in World Art Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in World Art Studies with English Language
  • MA Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
  • MA Arts of Europe
  • MA in American Studies and Film Studies
  • MA in Film Studies
  • MA in Film Studies with Film Archiving
  • MA in Media Economics
  • MA in Theatre and Development
  • MA Theatre and Development
  • MA Theatre Direction: Text and Production
  • MA World Art


  • BA Business Economics
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Business Finance and Economics
  • BSc Business Information Systems
  • BSc Business Management
  • INTO Foundation in Business & Economics
  • LLM in International Commercial and Business Law
  • MA in International Business Economics
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc in Business Management
  • MSc in Finance and Economics


  • MA in Advanced Educational Practice
  • MA in Education
  • MA in Education (QTS-Primary or Secondary)
  • MA in Education and Development
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)


  • BEng Aerospace Engineering

General Courses

  • MA in Advanced Social Work Practice and Planning


  • BA History and History of Medicine
  • BA Policy Planning and Leadership for Health Professionals
  • Dip HE Children’s Nursing
  • Dip HE Community Healthcare Practice
  • Dip HE Learning Disabilities Nursing
  • Dip HE Mental Health Nursing
  • Dip HE Midwifery
  • Dip HE Midwifery Practice
  • Dip HE Nursing Practice
  • Dip HE Operating Department Practice
  • Diploma Courses (Initial Registration) Dip HE Adult Nursing
  • MA in Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy
  • MA in Health Economics
  • MB/BS Medical Degree Programme
  • PG Certificate/Diploma in Mental Health
  • PG Diploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy
  • PG Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


  • BA American History with English History
  • BA American History with Politics
  • BA Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History
  • BA Art History and Literature
  • BA Art History and Literature with a Foreign Language
  • BA Art History and Philosophy
  • BA Culture, Literature and Politics
  • BA Culture, Philosophy and Politics
  • BA European History with a Language
  • BA European Studies and Politics
  • BA Film Studies and Art History
  • BA History
  • BA History and History of Art
  • BA History and Politics
  • BA History of Art
  • BA History with Landscape Archaeology
  • BA International Development
  • BA International Development with Languages
  • BA International Development with Overseas Experience
  • BA International Relations and Modern History
  • BA International Studies
  • BA Literature and History
  • BA Modern History
  • BA Philosophy and Politics
  • BA Philosophy with History
  • BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • BA Politics
  • BA Politics and Economics
  • BA Politics and Sociology of Contemporary Culture
  • BA Politics with Media
  • BA Spanish Honours Language with International Development
  • Graduate Diploma History
  • INTO Foundation in Humanities & Law
  • MA Cultural Heritage and International Development
  • MA Early Modern History
  • MA History
  • MA History of Medic
  • MA History of Political Discourse
  • MA in American History
  • MA in Cultural Heritage and International Development
  • MA in Cultural Politics
  • MA in Economics and International Relations
  • MA in International Child Welfare
  • MA in International Relations
  • MA in International Relations and Asia-Pacific Studies
  • MA in International Relations and Development Studies
  • MA in International Relations and Development Studies
  • MA in International Relations and European Studies
  • MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Public Choice
  • MA in Politics
  • MA in Politics and Development
  • MA Landscape History
  • MA Local and Regional History
  • MA Medieval History
  • MA Modern History

Information Technology

  • INTO Foundation in Computing with Business


  • BA Law with French Law and Language
  • LLB Law
  • LLB Law with American Law
  • LLB Law with European Legal Systems
  • LLB Law with European Legal Systems - Spanish Exchange
  • LLB Law with French Law and Language
  • LLM in Employment Law
  • LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
  • LLM in International Competition Law and Policy
  • LLM in International Trade Law
  • LLM in Transnational Legal Studies

Occupational Therapy

  • BSc Occupational Therapy
  • MSc in Occupational Therapy


  • BA American Literature with Creative Writing
  • BA American Studies
  • BA Economics
  • BA Economics and Philosophy
  • BA Economics with Accountancy
  • BA European Studies with Optional Language
  • BA Honours Language with Management Studies
  • BA Honours Language(s) (French or Spanish) with Management Studies
  • BA Modern Languages (French or Spanish)
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA Scriptwriting and Performance
  • BA Translation and Interpreting with Double Honours Language French and Spanish (with a year abroad)
  • BA Translation, Media and Honours Spanish
  • Graduate Diploma in Development Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Economics
  • LLMs with Research Methods Training
  • MA Comparative Literature
  • MA Creative Writing (Prose, Poetry, Scriptwriting)
  • MA Cultural Heritage
  • MA Culture and Communication
  • MA in American Studies
  • MA in Applied Translation Studies
  • MA in Child and Family Research
  • MA in Communication and Language Studies
  • MA in Counselling
  • MA in Development Economics
  • MA in Development Studies
  • MA in Gender Analysis in Development
  • MA in Linguistics, Society and Culture
  • MA in Rural Development
  • MA in Social and Political Theory
  • MA in Social Development
  • MA in Social Work
  • MA in the European Union
  • MA Life-Writing
  • MA Literary Translation
  • MA Medieval Studies
  • MA Medieval Writing and Culture
  • MA Modernism
  • MA Museology
  • MA Studies in Fiction
  • MPharm Pharmacy
  • MRes in Development Studies


  • INTO Foundation in Pharmacy, Biomedicine & Health


  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • MSc in Physiotherapy


  • BA/BSc International Development
  • BSc Accounting with Management
  • BSc Applied Computing Science
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • BSc Biomedicine
  • BSc Cell Biology
  • BSc Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry
  • BSc Chemical Physics
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Chemistry with Analytical Science
  • BSc Children’s Nursing
  • BSc Community Healthcare Practice
  • BSc Computer Systems Engineering
  • BSc Computing Science
  • BSc Computing Science with Imaging and Multimedia
  • BSc Ecology
  • BSc Ecology with Biology
  • BSc Environmental Chemistry
  • BSc Environmental Earth Sciences
  • BSc Environmental Sciences
  • BSc Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • BSc Geophysical Sciences
  • BSc International Development
  • BSc Internet Computing
  • BSc Mathematics with Computing
  • BSc Mathematics with Economics
  • BSc Mathematics with Environmental Sciences
  • BSc Mathematics with Management Studies
  • BSc Mathematics with Meteorology
  • BSc Mathematics with Statistics
  • BSc Mental Health Nursing
  • BSc Meteorology and Oceanography
  • BSc Microbiology
  • BSc Midwifery
  • BSc Midwifery Practice
  • BSc Natural Sciences
  • BSc Nurse Practitioner
  • BSc Nursing Practice
  • BSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • BSc Plant Biology
  • BSc Psychosocial Sciences
  • BSc Science with a Foundation Year
  • BSc Speech and Language Therapy
  • Degree Courses: BSc Adult Nursing
  • Dip HE Paramedic Science
  • INTO Foundation in General Science
  • INTO Foundation in Mathematics & Actuarial Sciences
  • INTO Foundation in Physical Sciences & Mathematics
  • MChem Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
  • MChem Chemical Physics with a year in Industry
  • MChem Chemistry
  • MChem Chemistry with Analytical and Forensic Science
  • MChem Environmental Chemistry
  • MMath Master of Mathematics
  • MSc Advanced Practitioner
  • MSc by Research Psychology
  • MSc in Economics
  • MSc in Environment and Development
  • MSc in Environmental Economics
  • MSc in Experimental Economics
  • MSc in Health Sciences
  • MSc in Health Sciences and Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences
  • MSc in Industrial Economics
  • MSc in International Human Resource Management
  • MSc in Marketing
  • MSc in Political Economy
  • MSc in Strategic Information Systems
  • MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences


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UK Education offers independent thinking, give you the freedom to develop your ideas, make discoveries and develop real skills that employers are looking for. UK has produced more than 100 Nobel Prize winners, a testimonial that UK graduates are at the forefront of the creative and research industries  With many renowned ancient Universities such Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, UK is one of the most popular destination for further education for students all over the world.

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